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foodgeek was inspired by a little zine of the same name, and was created by me, bitchiekittie

for now, I'm going to use this as a very likely dull journal of what I'm eating, what I saw that I'd like to eat, what I want to learn how to make so I can eat, and so on.

I'm hoping that in the future, this community will be adopted by others and used in a more interesting way. sharing recipes, tips, nice finds, both good and bad experiences, etc.

a little about me. I'm not an expert on anything food related. all of my experiences are on a trial and error basis rather than any educational foundation of any type.

but as I get older, I'm finding that the range of food items I enjoy is becoming quite extensive, and I'd love to build on that appreciation in any way possible. if I'm very lucky, that's where you come in.

so, read, enjoy, and give me your input.