Erik With a K (chefrico101) wrote in foodgeek,
Erik With a K

Wine Journal

Finca Hoya De Santa Ana
Altos De La Hoya


Straight off, the nose had elements of port, then something like blue cheese rind, then cut greens. There were some high notes, acidity? Then lots of sherry-esque scents and flavors.

Lots of spice and pepper, with some light tannin early on.

Served it with wood grilled NY steaks, fire roasted russet potatoes, and mixed greens braised in bacon, red onion and garlic. It went well enough with dinner. Had a mint drumstick for dessert. There was the perfect match! The sherry and port elements have really evolved now. three hours after opening.

It's like me, dark and smokey, but not overbearing. Choclatey, peppery, plums? lots of spice.

I like it a lot better now than I did in the beginning.

Might be because of the evolution of the wine, might be because I'm halfway through the bottle.

I should have decanted it when I opened it.

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