skullcake (skullcake) wrote in foodgeek,

fuzzy logic rice-a-roni

somehow the cord to my old rice cooker got lost in the move (i'm sure i'll find it eventually), but the damn thing got dinged when it was at the sluthaüs, and it burns sticky rice unless i waterlog it. i know that a fuzzy logic rice cooker is expensive (this is one of the models that i'm looking at, this is the other), but it would undoubtedly make my life easier. plus, the fact that it cooks steel-cut oats, risotto, polenta, &c. are also a BIG plus--risotto without having to constantly stir the pot?

any recommendations on Zojirushi vs. Panasonic, cool tricks, &c, or, alternately, any advice on what these machines really can or can't do...and of course, if this has been posted previously, my apologies...and if someone could guide me to that post, it would be most appreciated!

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