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Erik With a K

This past sunday, The occationaly impromptu and voyeristic Miss P, along with the very tall and dehydrated Mr J joined the big bottomed Miss K, the very stylish and in the throes of puberty Miss j, the retro coif sporting Miss J, and myself for a dinner of grilled hamburgers, grilled asparagus spears, and ceasar salad.

It should be noted that the now fully a carnivore Miss K had, until recently limited her intake of animals to shellfish and chicken. She fell off the wagon with bacon, as is usual, and has over the past few month worked her way 'round the wonderfull world of meat, resisting beef all the way, but enjoying mightily pork, duck, fois gras and even liverwurst and pate.

Sunday was the coup de gras for miss j and myself in the saving of miss K. Hamburgers for dinner.


I diced an onion, and mixed it into the beef with some winchester sauce (can't pronounce it, can't spell it, but you know what I mean) and a steak seasoning that includes mustard, and sesame seeds, chili powder, salt and pepper. It's a little like the SW version of montreal steak seasoning. And a little bit of the juice from a can of chipotle.

We topped them off with a sharp cheddar cheese, and put all the usual fixin's on the table, onion, lettuce, tomato from a hot house that exceeded my expectations for this time of year, so much so, that we shared the heels with a little salt waiting for the burgers to cook. And an avocado.

Miss P and Mr J were kind enough to keep an eye on the grill while I toasted the buns under the broiler. We sat down, I said the only grace that has ever made sence to me: "Welcome", and we began the construction.

Engrossed in my own meal, I was startled to hear Miss K exclaim "right THE FUCK ON!!"

Filled with joy, I looked at her, juice from the burger starting to run down the side of her hand as she gave me the thumbs (only one really, the other hand was full of gainourmous burger) up, and said "Rico...THUNDERBITCHEN!"

The table...

Detail of the flesh

The meal in it's entirety.

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